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Texas is the number one state in the nation in terms of job growth, thriving businesses, and low unemployment. It's not just the low tax rates that help contribute to the state's success; I believe each and every one of us as strong Texans have helped mold the image we portray to the rest of the country. I remain committed to creating a path for businesses in the state to succeed, without government getting in their way.

Illegal Immigration

In recent years, Texas has seen an influx of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs cross through the border at alarming rates. Constitutionally, the federal government should be protecting our border, but they have failed to do so time and time again. Texas has taken the helm and we have increased our border spending and security exponentially. As long as the federal government refuses to act on border security, I will fight to close the porous border and protect our families and all Texans. 

Second Amendment

Our current President continues to restrict the gun rights of all Americans by implementing new gun control laws and unconstitutional executive orders, instead of enforcing what is already in place. In response, we expanded gun rights for all Texans during the 84th Legislative Session by passing Open Carry and Campus Carry legislation. Law-abiding Texans can continue to arm and protect themselves. As an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I will continue to ensure that these rights are never stripped away from us.


In 2013, we passed HB 5, creating high school career tracks to bring out the greatest potential in all high school students. We also decreased standardized testing and ensured students are better prepared after high school for a career or higher education opportunities. Additionally, school finance is one issue that is currently in limbo but must and will be addressed. I filed HB 2204 in 2015 to assist local school districts with their interest on debt, and though we were unsuccessful the first try, I will continue to fight for the good of our students and our schools. The legislature is currently waiting for the Texas Supreme Court to make a ruling on the constitutionality of our current school finance system, and I am dedicated to helping solve this complicated problem.

Wins for House District 29

I have worked closely with TxDOT and Brazoria County to get the SH 288 toll road moving forward and establishing a way for the residents of our area to have a more reliable way to get into and out of Houston. Initially, there were direct connects on the project, an aspect that really makes the toll road useful to our area. When these were taken out of the plan, I successfully fought to get the direct connects put back in, and I continue to advocate for an expeditious timeline on the project. We will break ground on this project later this year and I look forward to seeing this road come to fruition. I also fought to allow the authority for the UH-Clear Lake campus in Pearland to issue tuition revenue bonds (TRBs). We were victorious on this, paving the way for the UHCL-Pearland campus to expand into a 4 year university in 2018. I am very excited to continue bringing much needed projects like these to House District 29.

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